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NSLog(@"Dulio Denis %@", @"GitHub Page");

iOS Projects

Status - An easy to use iOS 7 App to set goals and track accomplishments.

RemindMe - A useful iOS 7 reminder app that allows the user to set-up a reminder to text a contact.


NSMutableArray+Shuffle - A helpful category on NSMutableArray that provides a method to shuffle the array.

iOS Tutorial

TableViewNoIB - This is an example Xcode project to demonstrate having a TableView Controller with no Storyboard or NIB / XIB.


radars - These are the bug reports I’ve filed with Apple.

CS193P Winter 2013 Assignments

These are my solutions to the first three assignments in the Stanford iOS Course:
HW 0 - Card Flipping App Demo walkthrough
HW 1 - Matchismo card matching game baseline
HW 2 - Matchismo with second card game: Set
HW 3 - Matchismo with custom UIView subclasses, UICollectionView, and AutoLayout

Support or Contact

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